Josh Fallis

Josh Fallis is a well known web designer. He runs his own business in New York. He builds a very big office with 15 employees. Josh Josh Fallis do his work very sincerely. His wife name is Tina Fallis. She is a doctor and runs his own clinic. He has one son and two daughters. His parents also live with them.
In spare time, Josh Fallis love to play table tennis and football. In his early age he was a great sportman. He also played for his school football team. He is a very creative man. He is also involved in social service. He works for the welfare of women and children.
The main dream of Josh Fallis is to become the world no. 1 web designer. He designs a lot of website. His employees respect him very much. They thought Josh Fallis is a very nice man with kind hearted.
Tina Fallis always complains that her husband did not spend much time with her. He is always busy in work. She want that all the family member must go for picnic aleast once in a month but Josh Fallis is fail to do so as he is very busy in his work.